Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Hole in the side of my tooth?

I have a hole on the side, not the center , of my tooth at the most back tooth, bottomrow.
When i felt it with my finger, i feel a huge hole
if this is my tooth (_) %26lt;-- this side has a completely huge hole.
I tried rubbing together my teeth, and part of it actually cracked and fell off, but it doesnt hurt at all.I'm guessing that the hole is wide, but not deep enough, and i should get it filled before it actually starts hurting?
NO NO wait for the pain its more fun to watch.
Yes. There is a pit in the side of our molar teeth that can get a cavity easily. Get it checked.
Give yourself 10 points, you've answered your own question.
theyll prolly jus pull the rest out. if theres not much to save..they wont try to
It could be an old filling that fell out which is why it doesn't hurt. Call your dentist and get in ASAP tho- I know that putting off this stuff leads to more expense later
Yes you should get it filled - it has decayed.Pain occurs when the nerve becomes exposed.
Yes that's most likely a cavity and I would definitely fill it before it starts hurting. If it is a cavity then it will continue to deteriorate. Better safe than sorry!
its prbley gonna turn into a cavity soon or mabey it already is so get it filled as soon as you can!! good luck with it.
As a dentist myself, I highly recommend you see your regular dentist as soon as possible before your problem becomes much worse. This tooth is going to need to be filled before there is further decay and a possible infection forms. If your tooth does start to bother you before you can see your dentist, I recommend taking Mortin or Advil to help relieve pain and fight any inflammation that may develop. Please consult with your regular dentist ASAP before your cavity worsens.
yes you should get it filled as soon as possible. I had a similar problem got it filled and its been doing good so far.
yes...that is the buccal side of the tooth...You need a new filling...Usually when the tooth hurts...it's too late for just a filling..you will need a root canal or extraction..So have it filled...It will save your tooth, time, money and Pain..Good luck
I had that and it didnt hurt either .The denist told me if I didnt come and get it pulled I would be calling him crying in pain to get it that day .It was my wisdom tooth.If you go to the denist and get your yearly xrays it will show the hole or with your regular cleaning they will know that you need it pulled .A regular tooth Im not sure if you can save it or not.Just go to the denist, It cost me $40 with insurance just to have mine pulled.Good luck.
"doesn't hurt at all" should read "Doesn't hurt YET!" cuz it will if you do not hie yourself to the dentist rather quickly. Having endured an abscessed tooth that caused an infection in my jaw bone (all happened rather fast I assure you) I can tell you with some authority that this is NOT something you want to have happen to you (hurts like bloody h***). GO TO THE DENTIST. tomorrow. really. Good luck!
Don't wait until it starts hurting, then it may be too late to save it. Teeth don't like to be worked on..seriously! So..it could be a huge filling, which could break, then you would need a crown, or it could need a root canal.
As ghetto as it may sound, they make a temporary filling material you can get a the drugstore to place over this area until you can get in to see your dentist. This will keep food/plaque from packing in there which could make the tooth become symptomatic.
Most importantly, you should see your dentist every 6mths for PREVENTive maintenance.


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