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How do I get rid of really bad tooth ache?

I have got really bad tooth ache and have tried Ibuprofen and Paracetamol and it hasn't stopped hurting! How can I lessen or remove the pain?
Clove oil works GREAT!!! probably can find it at Walgreens, CVS or a pharmacy like that. It does make you drool, but drooling is easier to deal with than pain. Been There, hope you feel better!!
Have you tried Aleve? You may want to try to swiggle lukewarm water with some salt in it.
Take paracetomol , or penicilin there at most stores
See a dentist as soon as possible. In the meantime, go to the chemist and ask for co-codamol - it has a litte codeine in it which is stronger than paracetamol or ibuprofen on their own.
See your dentist. You might have a cavity, cracked tooth, or other similar ailment.
increase the dosage of the ibuprofen and try putting a hot water botle on the side of your mouth you have the pain. that works for me.go to the dentist you might simply need anti biotics
Go to the Denstist before it gets worse. Like a root canal. You may have had a cavity that has eaten through your tooth enamel and eventually can lead to your gums root. This is a sign of infection and that something is going on.So go the dentist...
Brush your teeth!
Have the tooth removed - end of problem
rip the tooth out
have the tooth removed.
At the chemist you can buy tooth tincture its like oil of cloves
I hate toothache you can't doo anything, can't give the mouth love and cuddles, can't put on a plaster.
well how much ibuprofen did you take? You need to take 800 mg (4 pills) 3 times a day. If that still hurts, add 1000mg tylenol every 4, until you get to the dentist. bag of ice too!
go to dentist or dental hospital be careful what you drink try stick to water anything hot or sugary will irritate it more.
Try putting clove oil on it. It is said to work wonders, but I'm allergic to it, so I don't know for sure.You can also scrape raw a garlic clove, and put it on the tooth/between the tooth and your cheek. Garlic is a natural antibiotic, so it may help take care of any infection, and it may also help kill pain.Try Anbesol or Orajel. Both are topical oral pain relievers.Call the dentist - a tooth won't ache unless something is seriously wrong. Even a cavity shouldn't hurt. Chances are, your nerve is exposed. You may need to have a root canal or have the tooth removed.Good luck!
Orajel maximum strength, Morphine, Lora tab, Ever Clear, Rum, Gin, etc...
Do a mouth wash with salt water. Helps.Massage it gently with salt and oil= mix. Oilve or any edible oil.
Clove oil on it too . take care. Too much will burn it.
Then go to a Dentist and get it treated.
go to a dentist!
or try some bonjela, its babies teething gel. apply oil of cloves, chill the pain, keep your head up, floss, if sensitive to air, cover it with gauze or sugarfree gum unti l you get to a dentist.
Having suffered with just the same thing recently I can assure you that the only thing that will get rid of it is a course of antibiotics as the pain is caused by infection.Good luck!
You really need to go to a dentist covering up the pain with pain killers it not going to work !! Go before you get an abbess and your face swells up !
Other than get along to a dentist as soon as possible????
While you are waiting for your dentist visit you can crush a whole clove and put it on the tooth. This is an old remedy that I used when I broke a tooth. You get clove in the spice section of the supermarket. It only lasts a little while but you can repeat as often as you like. You do have to see the dentist.
Scroll down to toothache
I just had a root canal done a couple days ago and I was miserable before that, so please Do see a dentist ASAP! but in the mean time, try liquid Anbesol, buy a dropper and put a couple drops right on the tooth after it's numb get a tooth brush and shove more anbesol between your tooth and gum, I did this for 3 days and it worked at least for a couple hours. Also after that I would put a warm compress on my cheek, that helped a bit too, OH! and 800mg of ibuprofen! I hope you feel better, there's nothing worse than a tooth ache!
Try some Humphrey's teething pellets available at most pharmacies. Although, designed for teething babies, they work quite well on adults. I have very sensitive teeth because of weak enamel and I use them if I am going to eat ice cream or such. You can also use oil of clove.
Urr go to the dentist!
Go to the dentist!!
Rince with antibacterial mouth wash to relieve any gum pain, then put some clove oil on (It taste nasty, but it works). Take 1 Paracetimol and 1 ibuprofen (there not that good if you take them seperatly, but together, there quite good)
There's a ONE-WORD, very simple answer, - DENTIST!

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