Tuesday, October 13, 2009

How do you get rid of toothache pain?

My husband had a sleepless night b/c his tooth was in soo much pain. He has this shooting pain that bothers him like crazy. He's such in a miserable mood. Please help me. Any suggestions for temporary relief before he goes to the dentist.
My dad had a sharp pain like that in his tooth a while ago as well, and he bought a gel that helped numb the pain when he applied it to his tooth. Not sure what the name of it is, but I'm sure you can probably pick it up at a drug store or a supermarket.
Has he tried Oragel, hot compresses, and a BC powder or Extra Strength Tylenol? I know this has helped me in the past until I could get to the dentist. I would put on the Oragel, make a hot compress, and take a BC powder or Extra Strength Tylenol every four hours and it would help with the pain. The oragel and hot compresses really help also. Hope this helps and good luck.
i really dont no im so sorry the things that help take toothache away is a special mouth wash the dentist gives you. I tell you wat you can do is go into any pharmasy and ask them what the toothache medicine i.e pills, mouthwash but tell him to get to the dentist asoon as posible good luck send my regards.
Oh I feel for him and you. My husband went through this 2yrs ago. He had severe pain in one of his bottom teeth. The pain would go from his tooth right up into his ear. Was really bad. He tried to use Orajel and Ambesol. These only made it worse. They made the tooth infected. He ended up at the ER and they admitted him right away. He had surgery that same night.The doctor came out of surgery when it was done and told me that if I hadn't brought him in when I did, he would have died from the poison going into his blood from the tooth infection. You should not wait until he sees the dentist. He may need antibiotics and pain relievers from a doctor. You need to take him to your local Emergency Room for help. They will give him something for the pain. Good luck and don't wait!!
see a dentist
He could have a cavity. It happened to me once. Ask the doctor. Or use a pain relief medicine like Tylenol.
Well I was dealing with the same thing, sort a. What I am saying is, I had a tooth ache for about a mouth before I got the nerve to call and make the appointment (I am scared to death of a dentist). So I used Kanka, you can get it at Wal-Mart where all the medicines for toothaches are at. It works very fast and last for awhile. Been to my dentist now, on pain medicine and antibiotic, the tooth has to come out. So I am still using it in between times for my pain pill. It comes in a small bottle with a blue cap on it. I think it works great as it is so fast. And you can use it as often as you need to. There is one that has the "dropper" and one that has a soft brush with it. I use both of them. They are not really that expensive either. I have used Orajel as well but Kanka worked faster, longer and better for me.Hope this helped you out.
Get to the dentist as soon as possible.I can tell you how to get rid of the pain until he gets help. The hint comes from a Chinese-Canadian dentist who uses the method instead of freezing for all dental work.
Pinch the earlobe on the side where the pain is and it will disappear within 10 minutes. (The dentist attaches a clothes peg to the earlobe.) A tight-fitting clip-on earring will also do the trick. It has to be tight, and it has to be continuous.
Acupuncture in the same spot would help, too, of course.
As a dentist myself I highly recommend that your husband see your regular dentist as soon as possible. If the pain is severe you might consider trying your dentist's emergency number or even a trip to your local emergency room as the doctor or dentist may need to prescribe you some antibiotics and stronger pain medications. A severe toothache can be caused by a number of things as simple as a cavity to the more severe like an abscessed tooth. Your husband should try Motrin as this will help with pain and inflammation and try using COLD compresses, do NOT use heat because if the tooth is abscessed the heat can cause the infection to spread to the throat causing airway obstructions and can also spread to the heart and brain. See your regular dentist as soon as possible to discuss treatment options.


  1. You need a rest after that. Dont pressure yourself.

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    1. You can try Gargle with Salt Water.thanks

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