Tuesday, October 13, 2009

How do orthodontists put in spacers?

im getting my brackets and spacers on tuesday and i wanted to know how the orthodontist put them in
There is an instrument that looks kind of like a fork. You put the spacer around the end and stretch it out. Then you just kind of work it inbetween the teeth like floss. It's super easy! It feels weird and it may make you sore because it will start moving your teeth right away but you can just take tylenol for that. I do it almost everyday!
Don't worry!
they just use floss an d work them in you may feel pressure on your teeth for a day or two. No they dont bother your gums either
The spacers are needed to make room for the braces on your back teeth. The back bands are 'anchors' to stabilize your entire mouth, so they are bands around the whole tooth instead of brackets glued on the fronts/outsides. If your back teeth are tight, the spaces make just enough room for the bands to be placed around those anchor teeth.The spacers are like very small rubber bands. When you stretch out a rubber band, it gets thinner, right?The dentist uses the 'fork' device an earlier poster described, to stretch the band thinner. He/She then squishes it between your teeth like dental floss. When the tool is removed, the band goes back to it's original thick shape, and encourages the teeth to move apart a tiny bit.It will feel like you have food stuck in between your teeth, and you will feel some pressure as the teeth move a tiny bit over a few days/weeks. Tylenol and advil are good advice.

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